Okay, so maybe it isn't officially summer... yet.  But, we're definitely close.  I know because McDonald's has brought back the Blueberry Cream Pie!

The culinary ninjas at McDonald's are all about the cream pies.  Strawberry cream!  Blueberry cream!  And, last fall, we got pumpkin cream.  Oh yeah, there's that holiday pie that is filled with a kind of custard, too.

If you've never had one they are basically a fruit pie with a strip of cheesecake-like filling.  Yep, they are as amazing as they sound!

Just like the strawberry cream pie, with the blueberry pie you really can taste the blueberry flavoring.

After a look at the McDs Wikipedia Page, I found out they have (in some places) S'Mores pies, sweet potato pies, banana pies, and in Hawaii they have Taro and Guava pies. I wonder what kind of pie McDonald's is going to gift us with next...  Key Lime sounds good to me!

Actually, I'd be happy if they brought back the deep fried pies from the 80s and early 90s.


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