It's one of the most important programs in our community. Spectrum Generations' Meals on Wheels Program. Additionally, did you know that our very own Renee Nelson is an avid volunteer with the Meals on Wheels program?

Tuesday on the Moose Morning Show we were joined by Sarah Brown from meals on wheels. And, while the program is limited this summer on what they can do for events and fundraising, they still want to take the time to say a big 'thank you' to the communities that support them.

Meals on Wheels is currently serving over 1,500 consumers just in our area right now. Sarah goes on to say that they have been blessed with an ample number of volunteers that have been able to assist the growing need.

Additionally, Sarah said the program, because of the pandemic, has had to cancel one of their biggest fundraisers 'The Celebrity Chef Challenge', an event that Renee was a celebrity judge at last year! In lieu of that fundraiser the Meals on Wheels program is taking the time to highlight some of the organizations, chefs and community members who have taken time over the years to support the program. You may even see some 'sponsored' Facebook posts from them thanking different community members and businesses.

Remember, as the volunteer need continues to grow, you can jump on board to help in a number of ways and locations, too. There is the Cohen center in Hallowell, and the Muskee center in Waterville. Plus, you can apply to volunteer in Damariscotta or Skowhegan, too!

Here is the interview we had with Sarah earlier today.

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