Well, the Windsor Fair is here. Since I was a kid, the fair has marked the end of summer, despite what the calendar says. Back to school, close the pool, store the boat, sell the goat. Okay, that last one was just complete the rhyming thing I had going.

When I was a little boy, I went for the rides. When I got older, I went for the rides and girls. When I became an adult, I started going for the cows and the food. That's still what I go for.

My favorite fair foods are still greasy burgers, hand cut greasy fries and greasy fried dough. Maybe that's why they call me "Slim."

Anyway, my favorite drink at the fair is...anyone? LEMONADE! Fresh squeezed with ice. It runs about $3 bucks a cup. For what you get, that's a chunk of change but there's nothing I'd rather quench my thirst with. To fully quench my thirst runs be about 12 bucks.

I remember having some of the afore mentioned greasy fries and fired dough and then getting on the Zipper when I was a bit younger. Don't ever do that. Just sayin'.

The Windsor Fair runs through Labor Day and is a great fair to spend a day at. The grounds, while jam packed with things to do (including a well maintained museum), aren't so big you get exhausted walking from one end to the other.

The price to get in is $8, under 16 FREE and special discount days for seniors 60+. See the entire program here.

By the way, here's a food recommendation: There's a barbecue place over toward the track. The trailer is maroon and there's a barbecuer outside. These people are from Whitefield and the word "Yankee" is in the name. I got the pulled chicken dinner (below). I was NOT disappointed!