It was something I was thinking about for quite a long time. We have this big holiday weekend coming up and a lot of people will be hanging out outdoors or now even going camping with family friends. So how can I make it even better?

I have decided to DJ a special unofficial kickoff to summer party this Monday right here on 92 Moose. I have been a DJ for a really long time- like as long as I can remember, actually. It all started when I was just a kid and would go and help my dad lug equipment around at weddings. Now, I'm the one out there doing wedding, club gigs etc. Well, I mean I was anyway until this whole pandemic happened.

I guess what I'm trying to get at here is I have an opportunity this weekend for a two birds one stone situation. First, this gives me a chance to get people up and dancing and add a little fun soundtrack to their long holiday weekend. Second, it keeps me in practice. DJ'ing, especially the way I do with blending and beat mixing is somewhat of an art form you could say. And, as such, if you don't use it you'll lose it. Well, I haven't been doing much DJ'ing at all sine this pandemic began, so it'll be great to be back in the mix again.

If you'd like to be part of the show this weekend, just turn the Moose on at 12-noon on Monday, Memorial Day. I'll start DJ'ing on air right at the top of the hour and go right through until 7PM where Pop Crush Night's Kayla Thomas will take over.

If you want to get a request in, just submit it to me through the 92 Moose App by using the link below! Have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend, everyone.

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