I'm not sure if it's because of the time of year or because I just had my first experience with a Ouija Board, but spooky, unexplained stories are top of mind.

As a matter of fact, this past weekend at Matt & Keri's wedding, a couple of interesting things occurred.

The first, while Keri was walking down the aisle with her two brothers, she felt a hand on her back. Their hands, as they walked together were linked, and neither brother touched her back. Keri's father had passed away 10 years ago.

The second occurred during the reception as Matt's sister Michelle, who just got engaged, dedication a song to her future husband, Patrick. Half-way during the song, my phone, which was dark, all of a sudden lit up. It was Michelle's facebook profile page. Renee and my wife was sitting with me, and saw it happen. I had not been on her page.

We opened up the Moose Morning Show phone lines to take calls from listeners, and the phones did not stop ringing. You can hear some of the unexplained stories in the videos below. If you want to share yours, do it on the special post on our facebook page.