Because of the novel coronavirus outbreak, businesses, schools and churches alike have all had to seriously revamp how they do things. This includes Augusta's own Central Church.

I remember weeks ago when they announced they were going to start doing drive-in services at the Augusta Civic Center and thinking how chilly that first week would be for Pastor Dan Coleman and the Worship team- and I was right. It ended up being quite chilly and even a little sleety if memory serves. Though a little inclement weather won't stop the people or the mission at Central Church.

They had such success with their first couple of drive-in church services that they have decided to keep doing them for the foreseeable future. We spoke this week with Connections Director, Lexy Cole, about some of the upcoming services and how people in Central Maine and beyond can get involved.

Basically, it's really simple. You just show up at the parking lot at the Augusta Civic Center much like you would show up for a normal church service. The major difference here is that you don't have to get out of your car. You're greeted by their welcoming team and shown right over to the closed parking spot. After you get settled you tune your car's radio to a special low-power frequency that they broadcast their services on. It's literally just like a drive-in!

If you're looking to attend a service with Central Church, you can view upcoming events on their Facebook Page or get some extra info directly from their website. This weekend's services will be on Saturday at 4:00 PM and at 6:00 PM.

Have a listen below to our interview with Central's Lexy Cole.

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