Sometimes you see stories of people in charge of taking care of children who shouldn't even be near them.  I have to question both their judgment and the judgment of the women (or men) who entrust these idiots with their precious babies.  I cite two recent stories....

In Pennsylvania in October, a man was arrested after (allegedly) leaving his 1-year-old daughter home alone while he went to go burglarize his neighbors' homes. This 20-year-old loser, Arthur Langley, was spotted by neighbors running behind homes and looking suspicious so they called police.  He's a horrible dad and not a very good neighbor.  The little girl was fine at home watching tv.

This next one takes the proverbial cake.  A 41-year-old Florida man, James Irvine, was arrested and charged with neglect after he went out drinking at a bar while the 10-month-old in his care stayed home.  When the baby's mother returned home from work, she found Irvine trying to get into the house through a garage door.  He admitted he'd been out drinking and told the mother the infant was not exactly alone because, "a pit bull was watching him." Here's your sign.




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