There is a reason why the photo I used for this article is a picture of my three kids. This picture was taken last night as we were getting ready for bedtime at the James' household. The only person missing from the typical bedtime routine was my wife, Keri. Turns out, she plays a very critical role at this point in the evening because- she knows where everything is.

Keri has to work in the office once every five weeks as she works for the State of Maine and her office is on a rotation to limit the number of employees in the building at a time. Well, last night, she was invited by a friend to go out to Cushnoc for pizza and a beer. Obviously she wasn't going to pass that up!

With Keri out nomming on pizza, it meant that bedtime, at least for the two youngest, was going to be on me. On a normal night, I handle putting Gavin to bed, Keri puts Dawson to bed and Evan handles his own bedtime routine because he's basically a little adult.

I figured the easiest thing to do would be to bring Dawson down to Gavin's room with me and get them both in their PJs at the same time. Then I figured I could read some books with Gavin while Dawson chilled with us, then put Gavin to bed and head upstairs to put the baby down. Seemed like a pretty solid plan, right? Yeah, that's what I thought, too.

Well, everything came to a grinding halt when I realized that I had never picked out PJs for the baby before. Keri had always done it since he was born in June. Gavin's PJs were no problem at all because I put him to bed almost every single night. Nope, I couldn't find the baby's PJs, so I had to do what I was trying to avoid- text my wife and admit that I was a moron.

She wasn't shocked to hear that I couldn't find something in the house, I typically never can. However, not only was she able to tell me where I would find Dawson's PJs, she also told me exactly the pair that I should put him in and exactly where I would find it. Additionally, she told me what other PJs I would have to dig past to find this specific pair. That's literally insane.

You women and your 'knowing where everything is' abilities are just pure craziness. Sometimes I have to ask Keri where something is that literally *I* put away myself! And yes, she still knows where those items are, too.



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