Since I am always trying to make the most of my time, I am a big fan of the Bluetooth connectivity that most new vehicles have.

During my drive to and from work, Bluetooth lets me safely make those calls that I didn't have a chance to make while I was AT work.  Brainstorming calls with coworkers, calls to family, calls to catch up with friends, etc.

But, I have a love / hate relationship with the feature.  Because my phone is set to automatically pair with vehicles I frequently drive - like the station vehicles, and my office is in a part of the building near where we park those vehicles, the second someone starts a company vehicle my phone pairs with it.

In the past, I have had heated discussions cut off mid-sentence by someone starting up a station vehicle.  The last time it happened, I assumed I ticked off the other person sooooooo much that they hung up on me.  And, they thought I hung up on them.

In 1998, if someone told me this would be something to complain about, I'd never have believed them.  "A phone that connects to my car?  Now, that's some sci-fi stuff!"  Actually, I never got my first cellphone (an old school Nokia 5165) until 2002.

So, I guess this is definitely a #FirstWorldProblem.

Rant Mode: OFF


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