Over the last month or so, have you noticed that your cellphone calls sound a little different?  A little clearer?  Less like a phone call and more like a Skype call?  You could be making calls in HD.

Next time you get a call, look at your phone's screen.  Does it say "HD" somewhere on the screen?  It appears next to the call timer on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  If it does, you're making a "high definition" call.

HD calls are crisper and clearer.  They are also much better at reducing background noise.  In theory, you can speak normally into your phone in a noisy room and still be heard clearly.

HD calling is part of the Enhanced Calling Suite.  According to the US Cellular website, the suite is powered be VoLTE technology.  VoLTE stands for Voice Over LTE.  Basically, it allows for calling and text messaging over the 4G network.

In addition to the HD calling, it allows for simultaneous voice and data connections.  So, you can make a phone call at the same time you are using the internet, sending email, or your apps are connecting to data.

This video does a decent job of explaining VoLTE

There is no additional cost for the feature (for US Cellular customers, at least) and not everyone has it, yet.  It's in the process of being phased-in and both people on the call must have it.

Do you have it?  What do you think so far?


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