Evan and Peepee AFTER the shock treatment
Evan and Peepee AFTER the shock treatment

So, I'm sharing this post for a few reasons. First and foremost, I love to share stories that involve Evan (I know, I'm way too young to be a grandfather..I get that all the time. No, really, all the time! Oh, and I'm delusional).

I also want to point out to all the wimps out there saying, "OMG, it's too c-c-cold to swim," that summer's short. You probably won't want to in mid-September through most, if not all, of May. That's over 8 months!! Use the pool or beach. It's nearly as much fun as when the sun's out. The air's not quite as warm but the water won't seem as cold.

Finally, I had to update my story from last weekend when my pool was a horrible green color. Look at what a few thousand dollars in chemicals will do!! Actually, it only cost me a few bags of shock (chlorine) and some algae killer. If you have a pool, good weather or bad, keep an eye on chemical levels. This was a hard lesson that cost me 4 days of good weather. Actually, 3 days. On the forth day, it was so hot we didn't care that it was green. Thank you to Tom Spencer at Levesque Pools (where I got mine). He's always there for a chat and some good advice. He still hasn't come to my house, though, to make a big S-P-L-A-S-H!

Catch ya later...Evan's yelling to me...something about the pool glowing. Maybe I should cut back on those chemicals.