With the on-going pandemic, many Mainers are looking for to-go food options.  Drive-thru, curbside pickup, delivery, or food trucks - anything to avoid the hassle of eating-in.

While there was a food truck revolution going on before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the spread of the virus has made food trucks even more appealing to people in search of a meal out.

The only downside is the search for new trucks to try...  Enter the FoodTruX app!

According to the KJ, Portland businessman Matt Noone has created an app to help people find food trucks.  He came up with the idea about a year ago.  He and his son were looking for a food truck.  After driving around for a while, they came up empty.

His app, FoodTruX, launched in Maine and Denver about a week ago.  He plans to take it nationwide by the end of the year.

It works by using GPS information to track trucks.  Not only will it show their location, it also shows their menus and social media information.  If they are in the mood for something specific, users can search for a specific type of food truck (hot dogs, tacos, Chinese, etc)  Free for the consumers, food trucks can try the app for free for two months.  After that, a monthly subscription costs $25.

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