It's always interesting to hear the different opinions newcomers and out-of-staters have about New Hampshire.

In the past, we've asked you what things shocked people after moving to New Hampshire. The answers ranged from a lack of a sales tax to seeing people actually stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. We've also highlighted some of the state's unwritten rules, including that you must remember how to pronounce 'Kancamagus', and of course, to "use your blinkah!".

There are many elements that make our state unique as a whole (you can look at some of the many examples here), but alas, nobody's perfect. Every state, including New Hampshire, has certain things that are missing. Now, each person's take on this is completely subjective, and could pertain to anything from businesses to restaurants, weather, laws, events, and more.

So, we decided to go on Facebook to ask locals what things they think the Granite State is missing. Sure enough, plenty of people chimed in and gave their take on things they'd like to see become part of New Hampshire. Let's have a look at 20 of the responses.

New Hampshire is Missing These 20 Things, According to Locals

Do you agree with these recommendations? Now, let's take a look at some of the unwritten rules of New Hampshire. How many do you follow?

12 Unwritten New Hampshire Rules That All Granite Staters Know

It's no secret that many of our New England towns can be challenging to pronounce. Here are some top mispronounced towns that show you are not from New Hampshire. Is your town on the list?

Top Mispronounced Towns That Show You Are Not From New Hampshire

How can you identify a Granite Stater in a line up? They will be able to perfectly pronounce every town on this list! Pronouncing something phonetically is not always how we roll here in New Hampshire, and the real ones know that.

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