It's always a great feeling when you start a new job that you've never done before and then do something worthy of big accolades. Well, that's exactly what happened for one Maine Sheriff's Deputy.

According to WGME 13, a York County Sheriff's Office Deputy Canine made his very first drug bust over the weekend. Not only proving his worth to the department, but also taking lots of dangerous drugs off of our Maine streets.

The young pup's name is Rebel, and over the weekend he was involved in a drug seizure that happened at a Maine business.

WGME says that on Sunday, members of the York County Sheriff's Office responded to a Cornish, Maine business after receiving reports of 'suspicious activity'. The news station goes on to report that when deputies arrived on scene, they notices a suspicious looking vehicle in the business's parking lot.

Because the vehicle was suspicious, they called in Deputy Cody Frazier, and his K-9 Deputy, Rebel. When Rebel did a sniff-search of the vehicle, he immediately alerted to his human that he could smell narcotics in the vehicle.

At that time, human deputies conducted their own search of the vehicle and, because of Rebel's alert, were able to seize several grams of illegal drugs from the car. WGME reports that police seized 5.1 grams of fentanyl, 1.9 grams of meth as well as 'other drug-related items'.

WGME is reporting that after the seizure, officers to Richard Fenderson, 50 of Hiram, into custody on multiple drug charges including unlawful possession of methamphetamines and unlawful possession of fentanyl.

Great work Deputy Rebel and Deputy Frazier!

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