Just a few hours after most of us finished cleaning up from the weekend's blizzard, we started hearing that we had another big storm headed our way.  This one was supposedly going to leave a snowy, icy path from Texas to Maine.  The storm formed in the southwest and was slowly making its way to New England.

Because of this, it should not be a surprise that The Weather Channel is now describing the storm as "a 2,000 mile mess of ice and snow"!

So, how bad will it be?  Well, it probably will not be as bad as Saturday's storm, but it is definitely going to make an impact on Maine and New Hampshire.

According to The Weather Channel, Central Maine will see the rain start sometime mid-morning on Thursday.  We will have a high of about 43 degrees but, as the temperature cools, that will change to mixed precipitation.  At night, it will switch over to snow.  The snow will continue through most of the day on Friday.  Total accumulations for the storm will be about a foot.

The Weather Channel says conditions on the Mid-Coast will be very similar.  Rain, then snow.  Total accumulations of anywhere from 8" to 14".

In Western Maine, along the Maine / New Hampshire border, we see very conditions.  The area could get as much as a foot of snow.  Decent news for skiers, snowboarders, and snowmobilers.

Even though it appears this storm will be a walk in the park compared to last week's storm, please be safe and take all needed precautions.

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