Thank you Newscenter for such a cool story.  RSU 19, the Newport area, is keeping their students in mind as things evolve with COVID-19.

The principle at Nokomis Regional High School in Newport is still doing the daily 'start of the school day announcements' but she is doing them in a Facebook video and for the students, without internet, she is e-mailing it.

Speaking of the internet, the area that RSU 19 covers, the Newport area, is fairly rural not all the kiddos have limited or no internet. The school district has set up a few hot spots where they can benefit students. However, there are students without internet access.

The staff is also working to prepare work at home packets and then the school buses go out and deliver the homework, but breakfast and lunch and somethings there are care packages that are delivered too. According to Newscenter that is 2200 meals A DAY!

Maine is a BIG place and there are places you can go and not even get a cell signal.  So it is a real issue for schools and businesses not having reliable access to the internet.

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