When Tim, the plaza superintendent, stopped into the station yesterday, I thought to ask him about replacing the fluorescent tubes that had been out for over a year, leaving half the control room in the shadows. He replaced them, putting the room back to its original brightness!

Renee, who doesn't care for bright light because it can cause headaches (which I forgot, by the way), was distraught to find the room bright. "Oh no!" she exclaimed. "Here and at home!" It seems the same thing happened yesterday at her house where one of her roommates did the same thing (I had nothing to do with it).

My reasons for the request were:

1- Brighter environment for guests
2- Brighter for guest pictures
3- Better for the overall mood of djs (except Renee....maybe others, I didn't check, actually)

So...Let's see what happens this morning. I have a feeling we may be calling Tim and asking him to come back and get his bright, new bulbs and put 'em where, errrr, the light don't shine.

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