Julia Clukey is an Augusta native and world class ‘luge-er’. Is that right word? A person who takes part in the sport of the luge. Luge is the sport where you are in a tiny little sled and you go down an iced course. It’s fast and thrilling. So how does a young woman from Augusta, Maine become a world class competitor at this level? I have never noticed a recreational luge course anywhere in the capital city? Then to be such a person who wants to come home to make a different being a role model. Yep, that is Augusta’s Julia Clukey.

Julia is the spokesperson for the Maine Beer & Wine Distributors Association’s Responsibly Initiative. She goes, at no cost, to schools around Maine taking about the importance of making good decisions and responsibly. That responsibly theme has grown to the Julia Clukey Camp for Girls with the KV YMCA.

Listen to what Julia had to say about growing up in Augusta, discovering luge and coming home.

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