Phish scams have been around for years, but it seems like they have only gotten worse since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Scammers are constantly trying to trick you into revealing your login credentials for everything from banks to your Netflix account.

The reason?  To sell the information, wholesale, to the highest bidder.

But, just because someone has obtained your Netflix credentials it doesn't mean they are selling the information.  They could just be watching off your account in order to save a few bucks.

of course, if they were watching off your profile, you'd probably know.  I mean, if a bunch of tearjerkers or reality dating shows suddenly appeared on my "Continue Watching" list, I'd know there was something up.

According to Kim Komando, scammers have found a way around this, though.  They create a profile named "settings" and use a technical-looking image as the profile picture.  if you saw a profile like that, you'd probably just assume it was what you click on to make setting changes to your account, right?


Fixing the problem is a multi-step process:

1 - Use a desktop or laptop to visit

2 - Click on the account profile in the upper right corner of the screen

3 - Click ACCOUNT

4 - Scroll down and click on SIGN OUT OF ALL DEVICES - this will log everyone out of all devices, including the unauthorized user.

5 - Click HERE to reset your password


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