Early Thursday morning, many Patriots fans came close to having a heart attack when Tom Brady posted a video of himself taking a MAJOR digger skiing.  Fortunately, it appears the Greatest Of All Time is okay.

The video, complete with soundtrack and clips of Southpark's "Asspen" episode mixed in, is hilarious!

And, some people speculated it wasn't even Brady.  But, when fellow athlete David Beckham asked if Brady was okay, the GOAT responded that he landed on his left should, “which isn’t very important to me anyway”.

Check out the video

The incident, which reminded a lot of us of the Tom Brady cliff diving incident from a few years ago, had some people asking whether or not his Patriots' contract prevents him from doing risky things (skiing, jumping off cliffs, etc).

Yes, there are things that pro-athletes are not supposed to do off the field, but the NFL is vague, with their regulations saying they forbid “any activity other than football which may involve a significant risk of personal injury.”

I think we're all just glad he's okay.

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