Today, August 9th, is my birthday. In the birthday spirit of the giving of the gifts, it is my birthday wish that you do something nice for someone else. ‘Pay It Forward’ is good any day…but on my birthday, I think it is even a better reason. Now, give me my gift...what did you do?? It does not have to be a grand gesture or cost you anything. It just requires you take some sort of action for another person.

It can be as simple as smiling at a stranger and saying ‘HI’, maybe holding the door open for someone.  You can spend a little and pay for the toll for the car behind you on the turnpike or the order of the person behind you when you get your coffee. One that ALWAYS makes me feels good buying a few extra things for the local food bank. Most grocery stores have a drop off bin for the local food bank.

You can return you bottles and donate that money to a local group or organization, give blood, give a generous tip, give a compliment.  Give a flower, check in on an elderly neighbor or family member.  Let's see, you could help someone load their groceries in their car. As you see, when you start thinking about, the opportunities are endless!!

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