Well at least pieces are.

So no doubt you've seen video of the big ball of fire falling in the atmosphere from the Portland Police Dash cam. If not no worries, see below.

The bright light burning up in the atmosphere is a meteor, and if it lands on the Earth, it's called a meteorite. The Maine Mineral and Gem Museum is banking that a piece of the meteorite can be found and is giving a $20,000 reward to anyone who brings in the first one kilogram or more size piece. You can visit their Facebook page here to find out more.

This isn't the first time Maine has been the landing pad for out of space objects. The first reported meteorite in Maine was back on August 7th 1823. A  5-6 pound metallic object was found in Nobleboro. This is also the most interesting Maine meteorite specimen due to it's rare composition.

Other confirmed meteorite hits occurred May 20th 1848 in Castine, May 21st 1871 in Searsmont, August 5th 1898 in Andover and the only 20th century confirmed meteorite was reported in 1978 in North Yarmouth.

The next chance to view some shooting stars in the Northern Hemisphere is around the week of August 7th, the annual Perseid Meteor Shower.