It was 40 years ago today that the video game 'Pong' was introduced. Pong was the first video game to go mainstream at home and in the arcade. I was too young to remember the beginnings of 'Pong' but I do remember playing a Pong like game called 'Breakout' on my Gemini system.

The Gemini system was an Atari knock off made by Coleco. The Gemini took Atari cartridges and was a slightly less expensive machine. It was 1983, not only did I have 'Breakout,' but I also had 'Combat,' 'Frogger,' a Tarzan type game, 'Donkey Kong,' 'Mouse Trap' and a few others.

We used to go to The Halifax Shopping Centre as kids and play video games with our paper route money at the bowling alley. I got quite good at 'Pole Position' and 'Galaga.'

Another game that took a lot of my quarters was 'Bomb Jack.' I was good with a joystick but games with a ball controller like 'Mortal Kombat' and 'Centipede,' I just gave up on.

Looking back on those years, we wasted a lot of time and money. Soon after, I started buying clothes at the Mall and whistling at girls from the balcony and turning away when they looked up. Oh and the food court loitering... that was always a good waste of time as well.

Today, we have a Wii and PS2 in the house and neither of them get much attention. For my kids it's 'Minecraft', 'Sims' and Facebook games.

I loved video games as an adolescent but I grew out of them. I'll play them sometimes, but I always get this nagging thought that I need to get something done. Whether it's cleaning or errands, or something else, I can't just relax and get sucked in like I used to. Here's to youth and few responsibilities