We had an absolute blast- all of us! Yes, 16 people total, 8 kids and 8 adults.

Instead of staying at the hotel that's attached to the water park in North Conway, we opted to do an Airbnb instead. We were able to find a house about 5 miles away that enough beds (and turlets) to accommodate all of us for the weekend.

During the day we hung out poolside at Kahuna Laguna watching as the kids hit the slides and swam in the big wave pool. At night, after the kiddos went to bed exhausted from their full day of water play, the adults stayed up to play Catch Phrase. And naturally, we all stayed up way too late.

If you're looking for a mid-winter getaway, I would certainly suggest going to Kahuna Laguna in New Hampshire. Definitely gives you a little bit of that summer vibe in the middle of a bitter winter. Oh, and their chicken nuggets are delicious so there's that, too.

Here are some pics!

Kahuna Laguna 2020

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