For many restaurants, the light at the end of the tunnel has nearly arrived. Restrictions are beginning to ease, warmer weather is arriving allowing for more comfortable outdoor dining and the general public just seems ready to be out and about. But as the saying goes, not everything is sunshine and rainbows for all restaurants. That includes Pedro O'Hara's in Lewiston, which announced they'll be closing permanently next week on Saturday, May 15th.

Shared on Facebook by Pedro O'Hara Lewiston, the decision didn't come easy to close permanently. Pedro O'Hara's was facing a multitude of issues, from a shortage in staffing and difficulty finding new hires to working out an acceptable lease agreement with their current landlord given the circumstances of the last 14 months. With some restrictions still in place on indoor capacity as well, the owners of Pedro O'Hara's just didn't see a way to continue forward.

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The closure of the restaurant will be a loss for the Lewiston/Auburn community. Pedro O'Hara's had become more than just another restaurant in the twin cities. While many commenters on their Facebook page mentioned they'll miss the great tacos, nachos and other menu items, Pedro O'Hara's was an active place for quality nightlife. From live music to trivia nights, Pedro O'Hara's had immersed itself in the community over the past several years.

Pedro O'Hara's has invited patrons to visit one last time before their permanent closure, especially those who may have brought items that the restaurant has been hanging on the walls for years.

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