If you listen to the Moose Morning Show or follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know all about my dog, Oden. He joined our family just over a year ago, after we adopted him from the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society. This past weekend he had a very special day!

Oden came to the shelter from down south with a litter of other pups. Because of Oden's posts on social media, not only was I able to get in touch with the foster mom, who took care of the dogs before they came north, but other adoptees, as well.

We have been able to set up some puppy play dates, first just with Oden and another brother... then another. This past weekend, 4 of the pups from that original litter reunited and had a blast playing at the Hallowell Dog Park.

Here are a few pics from our get together!

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