All-righty-then, pass the Allen's. According to this survey from 'Blowfish for Hangovers', Maine is at the top of the list of states that drink the most. Maine is followed on the list by Wyoming, Alaska, Delaware and Washington D.C. But we are Mainers, we don’t complain about hangovers! Maine did NOT make the top five list of those who do whine about hangovers.

The ‘study’ goes on to look at the top drinks Americans like, break it out by gender, drunk dialing (never a good idea by the way), people who have been hung over at work among other 'fun' facts.

The ‘study’ was done for 'Blowfish For Hangovers', a hangover remedy. It’s a fizzy pain reliever and caffeine combo that has a smiley face on the tablets. How cute! That is what you need when you are hung over a smiley face remedy.