Laura Benedict (I call her the "amazing chickeneer," because of the way she engineers bits of tender chicken into a kind of "poultry crack" product), is getting ready to start another season of raising big money with her Red Barn Cares Foundation.

This amazing lady and her outstanding team raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for people and organizations in the community and the only cost that's covered is the food. There's no allowance for staff or for the electricity and supplies. Everything extra raised, after the cost of product is covered, goes directly to the beneficiary. Nobody is in the middle.

Heads up: At the February 3rd event for Cony Middle and High School, a new van will be presented PLUS an unknown surprise ;-)

This morning, Laura filled the studio with love and people. After we chatted about how the benefits work, we gave EACH organization an opportunity to step up to the microphone and say a few words.

You can click the button below to see who all the organizations are. Just check under Tuesday for the Red Barn events.