Earlier this year learned that Farmer Kev Organics was going to be part of my summer and I was SO EXCITED.

Check out my visit to Farmer Kev.

This year I was asked to do an endorsement for Farmer Kev Organics' farm shares. Now a farm share is their program where you get a share of the farm! OH and Farmer Kev’s plan even DELIVERS the farm share to you at home or at work.  I was super excited. Farm fresh, organic veggies AND I get them delivered to me? Yes. A million times YES!

So I am a few weeks in and I am super happy. I love my fresh veggies coming from the farm.

So I asked Farmer Kev if it too late for others to get a farm share…and he said…NO people can still take part.  There would a bit of a discount because you would be starting later in the season.

Visit Farmer Kev Organics online and get all the farm share info and connect with Famer Kev on social media through FarmerKev.com.

Renee was provided with a farm share from Farmer Kev Organics in return for her endorsement.