I HATE being cold. But I can do OK if my feet are warm. If my feet and hands are warm, I am even better. With the cold winter temperatures and heat costing so much I look for other ways to not be so uncomfortable.

Being cold at work it more than just annoying, it can cut productivity. Some studies have link warmer offices with fewer errors and higher output. A month long study at Cornell University found that when the temp went form 68 to 77 degrees, well, typing errors fell by 44% and typing output jumped by 150%! Another study suggested that productive drops if it is too cold OR to warm. I understand both of those.

At home, I hate being cold just as much. But at home, I pay the heat and electric bills. So, I modify my habits a little. One thing you could do is to just get out of the house to someplace warmer. Central Maine has some warming centers like the one in Augusta. You can be warm and hang out with great people.

When I am in my own home, I normally take a quick shower before bed, to warm up. I hop into my cozy sleep chamber and I am gone.  But there are things I do, like I put on layers and I now have electric foot warmers.  Warm feet = Happier Renee.  I can use those for TV or if I am on the computer.

I was reading at the Farmers’ Almanac about other ideas, like simply drinking more water and getting a little exercise. That is good advice for most things! They also have suggestions for a massage and spicy foods.  That works for me too!

Anyway you cut it, stay warm fellow Mainers!

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