I am a college student, what they call an “adult learner”.  I am more “adult” than some in my program, less “adult” than others.  By “adult” I mean…old.  I have been doing since fall of 2008.  This May I am due to graduate from Kennebec Valley Community College in Fairfield. This will be my first college degree. And this is how I am managing to keep the end in sight.  

I found that as I get closer to the end I get less happy about doing my homework and studying. Just like 'back in the day' in high school, some things never change, I guess. So I made a countdown calendar. I feel like a prisoner each day and cross off the day.  Ya, it’s silly, but it getting me through these last few months of school.

To every college student or want to be college student, just do it! It is hard work, but it is worth it. You get to learn so much, hang out with some cool people and have some fun as part of the college community.  To all college students graduating this year, congratulations! You deserve it!