I know what you're thinking. "We can't have an indoor graduation, we'll all get the 'rona!" Well, don't fret my pet, this graduation ceremony is going to be held in the parking lot of the Augusta Civic Center, not inside the building itself.

In a time when we have had to become extra creative and adjust to the changing times, we're seeing more and more out of the box graduation ceremonies. It was just last night that Winslow held their's in a parking lot. And coming up Waterville will graduate from the parking lot at Central Maine Motors.

Yes, these times are certainly showing us the ingenuity and creativity in our local school leaders and we are more than happy to pass the info on to our audience as plans roll out for our area high school commencement exercises.

The Gardiner Area High School graduation will begin Saturday at 4pm in the parking lot of the Augusta Civic Center. The school is borrowing the low power radio transmitter owned by Central Church so that people will be able to tune to a specific frequency in their car to hear the graduation. GAHS principal, Chad Kempton, will be the only speaker at the event and students will graduate three at a time.

Families will be allowed to go to the front of the stage as their students go up to graduate. The school will be using a color-coded ticketing system to make sure that the crowd outside of the vehicles never exceeds 50. In addition, if you can't make it to the parking lot event, Munzing Media will be live streaming the event.

There had been talks of fireworks after the ceremony, but the idea was quickly tabled due to concerns of attracting a crowd of more than 50. However, following the graduation there will be a parade of graduates that will go down Brunswick avenue in Gardiner and end at the city's High School.

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