92 Moose Wants You to Brag About Your Grad!
It's been a year like any other here in the State of Maine and around the world. 92 Moose wants to take a few moments each weekday and celebrate your 2021 graduate! Fill the form out below and then listen weekdays (Starting Monday, May 24th) at 7:05 AM and 4:05 PM as we select a few entries each day to read on the air...
Maine High Schools To Plan In Person Graduations?
So it looks like plans are in the works for Maine Schools to have in-person Graduations! This must be excellent news for students and parents who had worries about missing out on the memory of walking across that stage.
Renee Nelson is Now a College Graduate
I really hope I have no typos in this post, because today, I am a college graduate. Today I will march down the aisle to get my diploma. I have no idea if I will ever use my Associate in Applied Science Degree in Heath Information Technology from KVCC. But, hey,I did it!
Renee’s Countdown to College Graduation: May 18, 2013
I am a college student, what they call an “adult learner”.  I am more “adult” than some in my program, less “adult” than others.  By “adult” I mean…old.  I have been doing since fall of 2008.  This May I am due to graduate from Kennebec Valley Community College in Fairfield. This will be my first college degree. And this is how I am managing to keep the end in sight.