I really hope I have no typos in this post, because today, I am a college graduate. Today I will march down the aisle to get my diploma. I have no idea if I will ever use my Associate in Applied Science Degree in Heath Information Technology from KVCC. But, hey,I did it!

It has taken a while to get to this point. I started this journey in September of 2008 with only a general sense of direction.It has taken a lot of help too. My mother had helped me on more than one occasion to help cover the cost of tuition and books. (Gees, college text books are expensive) My friends who have helped me by proof reading some papers, listening to me whine, talking off the ledge of tossing it all out the window. My co-workers for just accepting my sometimes wacky work schedule to meet requirements. In that same vain, it has been Mac Dickson who had has had to deal with most of that wacky work schedule thing. Since Mac is the only who covers my duties, I owe Mac a BIG THANK YOU for helping to this day happen.

I learned the diploma will not be ready until next month. I just get the cover…BUT that does not change the fact that today I am a college graduate, for real!