Well, Saturday, my little girl Michelle (born the day I started at 92 Moose almost 23 years ago) graduated from the CMMC College of Nursing and Health Professions, wanting to follow in her mom's footsteps. Great school, great training. She almost didn’t go there, though.

Two years ago, she was put on a long wait list at another central Maine nursing school and was going to hang on until she could get in. Her mom was at Thayer in Waterville recuperating from some surgery when Michelle got the word that CMMC was holding a test that afternoon in Lewiston for people who wanted to get into the program. She almost didn’t leave her mom to go but we both encouraged her to take the test. She drove down, took the test and passed. She was in! No muss, no fuss, no wait!

She might have still been on the waiting list Saturday when she graduated but, instead, she was in her cap and gown getting ready to move her tassel over and walk out the door as an registered nurse, pending her state boards this week.

Once she passes the boards, which should be relatively easy for her, she has a job awaiting her at Maine General in the S.H.I.N.E. program, which will give her a taste of a bunch of different units and, eventually, the opportunity be among the first to work in a brand new hospital!

Congratulations, Michelle. You worked hard and your family and friends are proud of your accomplishments!