We've been seeing a growing crowd week after week at Mill Park in Augusta as we continue our SummerFun Concert Series with the City of Augusta. Coming off a great week with Sharon Hood & Dixon Road, we now get ready for the incredible sounds of the Rob Burnell Band.

Rob Burnell has been a local favorite for as long as I can remember, and as of late has been involved with the Central Maine Idol competition. Rob and his band are set to take the stage Wednesday, July 14th, at Mill Park in Augusta beginning at 6 PM. The concert in completely free and open to the public so grab a blanket or a chair and get your butt to the park.

In addition, we also have Truckin' Good Food on hand with the delicious offerings from their food truck. Thirsty and over 21? Check out the newly added Cushnoc Beer Garden for a delicious local brew. And, while you're sippin' in the garden, try out a free game of cornhole!

The SummerFun Concert Series is all powered by Lilac Catering, Damon's Beverage & Redemption and Graham Behavioral Services. We can't wait to see you Wednesday at Mill Park.

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