Next summer we in Maine could have to pay 5.5% sales tax on things like admission to Funtown, ski lift tickets, movie theaters, spa treatments, Sea Dogs games and other entertainment. It will be an "amusement tax" if you will. A review board is looking over the issue and is still tweaking the list.

This is the idea being put forth to help fill the 40 million dollar budget hole.

Whenever taxes come into play there is always debate. Why can't government live with in its means and cut to make make budget like most families do. Then there is the other side of the argument on taxes that says municipalities rely on funding for garbage pick up, education and other state and city/town resources. I'm somewhat indifferent here as it doesn't affect me daily or really my standard of living. I have less of an issue here than I would if a tax were attached to miles driven or food.

All this being said, just know that I grew up with a 10% then later a 15% sales tax so I still even after almost 20 years of living here in Maine I'm happy for only paying 5.5%.

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