We bought a house back in June of this year. Have you ever wondered what your old place looked like after you moved out? Earlier today I had that chance.

Christmas 2011, The Old Apartment

This morning Justin had Lewiston-Auburn YMCA basketball evaluations at Edward Little High School. The evaluations are so the coaches can even the talent and experience on each team. We’ll know who his teammates are later today.

E.L.H.S. is in our old neighborhood, so after the evaluations we were invited to our friend's place. Our friends were our old upstairs neighbors who we helped move into our old apartment one floor down back around August 1st. Haven’t been back since they settled in and got everything the way they wanted. It’s a little odd because I felt a bit of entitlement when I got there. For instance, our old parking spot was open but Lynn, my wife, said "No, we should park on the street." Like a husband I listened.

We’re now inside. It's sort of sad in a way. We lived there 13 years and it’s a bit different. Rationally you still know that the place wasn’t going to work now that you’re a family of five, but you get a bit emotional. They have done amazing things to the place. It looks nicer than when we lived there. I’m guessing mostly because we had probably out grown the place after the birth of Justin, our second. What hit me the most was how our friends were able to utilize the space. Very efficient with furniture and cabinets, etc. and it still felt roomy. Looking and feeling roomy, now that's something we could never accomplish in all of those years. Many great memories, three babies, a marriage and as a bonus, no shoveling, mowing or oil bills.

On a side note, I can’t believe they got a new toilet and now the landlord allows satellite TV, two things we wanted for eons. In all seriousness, all smiles, our friends are happy and we’re happy about getting the house. Still weird, but a "win-win" as the cliché goes.