The Kennebec Valley Wellness Spa is located near the Augusta Civic Center so it is so easy to get to but when you go inside you are a million miles away from the stress of everyday life.   I was so lucky to have an energy reading.  

Over the years I have had my fair share of massages and spa treatments, but not much in the way of ‘energy work’.  Kristy James was great.  I felt comfortable with her right from the moment I met her. The reading includes sound, aromatherapy and crystal therapy.  Think of this way, we do so much to take care of ourselves, body and soul, an energy reading is another way to just that.  No two reading are the same.  I found it to be SO relaxing and SO energizing all at the same time.

The best part?  You can try an energy reading and SO much more at the Kennebec Valley Wellness Spa with Seize the Deal. You will save 50%!! are already feeling better just having purchase your deal at half off. Imagine how great you will feel after  you have your treatment!