I have been having Micro-Current Facials with Candace at Mahala’s Day Spa in Manchester.  A WHAT you ask…it is a like a work out for your face to you look younger. SO it is logical that the same principle is applied to the body. It is called Micro Current Body Work.  This will help to tone your body and tighten loose or flabby skin.  This is deal you NEED to seize at Seize The Deal to try it for 50% off!!

YA, that got you interested.  While I was visiting Candace for a facial she let me try to body treatment. Now, I walk and work out of a sort of regular basis, so I was very interested on what I would feel. I find it all to be extremely relaxing.  For the body treatment there are little sticky pads that are applied to the area to be worked out, and then a tiny little current is used to stimulate the muscles in the area being worked on. These micro current treatments do not hurt. Not at all!! In fact I think it is kinda tingly in a good way.  Did I feel the work out after? Yes! Just like I had done a work out and pushed myself. LOVED IT!

Candace one of the great people at Mahala's Day Spa, they provides facials, massages and nail services in a relaxing and friendly environment. Their team of skilled professionals also supplies a variety of hard to find treatments including eyelash extensions, reflexology and Brazilian waxing.