Now not relationships are meant to be. Sometimes it's even hard to deal with the baggage of past relationships.....especially if you can't stand your ex. Sometimes they linger in your mind for years. Now here come the big V-day, and if you are jaded, even a wee bit, has come up with a way to help ease your pain.

Here's the deal, is celebrating Valentine's Day by offering 'dumpster stays'. Yep, you read that correctly. The company is encouraging people to go to and tell them why their ex-partner deserves to stay in a garbage dumpster.

All entries will receive a fictional booking confirmation featuring the ex's Valentine's Day dumpster stay. says,

“If there are two truths on which we can all agree, it’s that we have a terrible ex who should be left in the past, and travel is always one of the best forms of self-love. It pays to be petty, especially when your ex is trash!”

Oh, and if you are wondering what's in it for you?

Well, Get ready to pack your bags, because you may be one of the 15 lucky winners to snag a suite reward, just for booking your trashy ex the V-Day Dumpster Stay.

Yep, they will be shelling out $300 gift codes for people who participate in this special booking, just in time for a V-Day stay or your next ‘get over them’ getaway, whenever that may be.

Contest Details here.

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day!

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