With the NCAA men's basketball championship game last night and March Madness heading up to it, what a crazy time for everyone involved. An incredible economic boom for related businesses. The businesses around the arenas make money, The arena gets the gate and concession money. The colleges do pretty well too. Beer sponsorships, TV deals, merchandise sales, etc.

I'm not saying it's wrong, but this colossal amount of money is being made on the backs of these players who get no more than a scholarship and team travel expenses I assume. Yes, a scholarship to a big university is probably valued at $150,000 or more, but do you think that the NBA or NFL-bound players be compensated further? Playing basketball or football could be like a work-study program. Like the students who work in the labs, libraries, etc.

I know nothing in life is fair, but it's a tremendous amount of money that is not going to those who are putting the product on TV. Let's face it, that's what college sports has become at tournament or bowl game time. I say if you're in the bowl games or the March tournament, then yes, pay them.