According to the Conway Daily Sun, a group of football players from Conway's (NH) Kennett High School received a three game suspension for the alleged torture and killing of a duck during a recent football training camp.

The incident took place last month at Camp Winaukee in Moultoborough, New Hampshire.  Video of the incident was recorded and posted on the internet.  The video shows the duck being beaten with a broomstick.  One student, in an attempt to get the torture to stop, later strangled the animal to put it out of its misery.

As the school leased the space from Camp Winaukee, members of the camp staff were not involved in the incident.

After meeting with school officials regarding the incident, New Hampshire Fish & Game officials have decided not to press charges.  They have clarified that decision HERE, saying that some of the students will also be getting community service.

Moultonborough police were, apparently, not notified about the incident.

According to an animal laws website, a person “is guilty of a misdemeanor for a first offense, and of a Class B felony for a second or subsequent offense, who: (a) Without lawful authority negligently deprives or causes to be deprived any animal in his possession or custody necessary care, sustenance or shelter; (b) Negligently beats, cruelly whips, tortures, mutilates or in any other manner mistreats or causes to be mistreated any animal.”


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