[clip starts around 3:05 in the video]

So we all really cringed wicked hard when this story came out last week... apparently, a waitress at an IHOP in Auburn asked a table of young black people to prepay for their meal.

The server said that she was afraid that the teens would dine and dash, but others in the restaurant noticed that she didn't ask others to prepay.

The president of the company released a statement apologizing for the appearance of racially-based treatment of customers, and the location was closed for a day last week for "staff retraining."

And then - no scandal here in America is ever really complete without SNL swooping in!

Now, is it just me... or has SNL done quite a bit about Maine recently? It was just in February when they spoofed the famous Maine Dysart's commercial. Maybe one of their producers or writers is from Maine! Anyone know?

Either way, it's still wicked funny!

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