According to a report on the WGME website, Mahaney Dome at UMO has collapsed under the weight of the snow and ice from today's storm.

No one was injured in the collapse.

The article seems to indicate that this happens every year.

According to the Go Black Bears website, the dome is used as an all weather practice facility for several athletics teams.  It is quite large, measuring 200 feet by 200 feet.  It stands 55 feet tall and the website seems to indicate that the dome was built in 2016.

The facility, which is named for University of Maine graduate Larry Mahaney, is described as an

air-supported dome-type structure, which will also provide a useful venue for various other University of Maine activities, on the spot formerly occupied by the university's tennis courts

There have been several instances where we have seen similar dome facilities owned by major sports franchise encounter the same problem.  In 2009, a similar structure that the Dallas Cowboys were using collapsed in rough weather.  Sadly, in that instance, several people were injured.

We are just glad to hear that no one was injured in this incident.

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