I knew this was a serious operation when I pulled into the lot and saw a Pisten Bully trail groomer in front of the lodge and lights on the hill. Kevin Gower and Dan Ouellette have been clearing land for and preparing the attraction known as G.O. Tubing. It has taken them a couple of years to get ready for this past weekend. Looks like they did it right.

Jennifer, Dan's wife and a partner in the business, said Sunday that crowds have been great and people have been happy! Judging by the people in the warming lodge (where food was available) and the line at the t-bar, that was right on the mark!

Tubers in line at the T-bar

So far, all of the advertising has been word of mouth, allowing the crew at G.O. Tubing (for Gower and Ouellette) on the Alder Park Road to get a feel for running the place with patrons. It was a bigger (soft) opening than they expected but they had no problem running people through and keeping the tubes going!

Although the hours may be extended for school vacation, they're generally open Wednesday through Friday 3 pm - 9 pm, Saturday 9 am -9 pm and Sunday 9 am -6 pm. The cost for 2 1/2 hours is $15 per person and under 5 can ride with a parent for $5. Group rates are available. For more information call G.O. Tubing at 445-4450 or visit their website.

G.O. Tubing
Tubers in South China

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