Spring happens on March 20th at 5:37am. This weekend is SPRING! Honestly, I am so happy by this I may set an alarm just to make sure I am awake for this. I love spring.  There is such promise…longer days, greener grass, flowers, the sun comes up earlier and the spring months and summer is all ahead of us. Winter is in the rearview, even if some of that winter weather still pops in to visit spring I can enjoy it since I know it will be gone soon.

Gees, in 2020, one of the reasons I believe I handed the first few months of the pandemic so well was because we had nicer weather and I was able to enjoy being outside walking ShadowDog. For me, that made a world of difference.

I am not saying you should run out and plant your flower bed or gardens this weekend. We are still going to see chilly temps, maybe some snow and according to the Farmers’ Almanac (the one with the orange and green cover from Maine) our last spring frost in central Maine is the end of April.

I am even looking forward to seasonal allergies this spring. How weird is that? Just means I can worry about my stuffy nose and not my frozen toes. Remember you always need to be on the lookout for ticks when you are outside, even in the winter and early spring. They are hardy little things, can survive cold temperatures, and are active before you really start thinking about them.

Weather-wise, the Farmers’ Almanac is saying our spring in the northeast should be ‘wet and wild’.  OK, that works for me.  Maine has been facing some drought conditions, so wet weather may not be a bad that. Hop on it, Easter is coming up on April 4th and a solar eclipse on June 10th to look forward to this spring season.

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