When I went to Cabela's with my dad Saturday, I meant to look at safes. Because they had one green one left that was a floor model and they were willing to mark it down, I bit. It just fit into my Jeep with the help of 3 guys and a pallet jack. I'd worry about getting it out of the truck and into the house later!

My appliance dolly!

The first thing to do was research. I needed to Google how others had done this. Most used an appliance dolly. I knew U Haul had them so I went to Augusta to get one. I have ALWAYS had great luck at U Haul. Nice, knowledgeable people and friendly and ready to help.


Dylan was there and ready to help me with advice and an almost new dolly. In and out and it's only ten bucks a day to rent. Please, tell me how you can beat that! I thank those who offered me the use of one but I'd rather pay to rent one and be free of guilt if something got broken which, thankfully, it didn't.

Luckily, Matt had an old set of ramps for his four-wheeler that just happened to be taking up space in the garage. As a result, I was able to make myself a sweet little off-loading ramp for the 600 pound hunk of steel. With the help of my neighbor, Marty, we were able to ease it down the ramp and onto the lawn. Getting it onto the dolly was a breeze, after which, we waited for the third guy in the mix, Paul, a friend and the builder of my house.

Safe in truck
Safe as far out of the Jeep as I dared push it alone

The three of us had to get it up over the first hurdle, which was the step into the entry way. Marty and I pushed while Paul held onto the dolly and pulled, trying to keep it on the balancing point where he was only holding 300 pounds, half the weight of the safe. I knew we were a bit off when Paul yelled, "my wrist, my wrist! Back it down!"

I had never heard Paul this frantic so I freaked out. As Marty and I backed the safe back down into the garage, I was asking Paul repeatedly, "are you alright?"

He assured me he was fine...that he just went a bit past the balancing point putting his wrist in an awkward position. I pictured a sprained or broken wrist, something that would put his very livelihood in peril. At that point, I would have offered him the option of becoming a dependent. Hey, with the kids grown up, I sure could use the deduction!

The next obstacle was the flight of stairs we had to go down. This was either going to be easy as pie or one or two of us was going to end up under the safe.

Paul guided from the top while Marty and I pushed from below, holding back the heavy weight, which was on wheels at this point, and getting ready to bolt out of the way if the need arose. Thankfully, it didn't, and the safe came down like a very heavy feather. At that point, moving it into it's final resting place was easy.

I'm thankful for friends. I'm truly thankful for the help or Marty and Paul today. I hate to ask anybody for help on anything but, clearly, this was NOT a job for a single person.

Thank you both, and I owe you EACH one!

Safe in the house
SAFE and sound in the house