This past week Sunday River Brewing Company made local and national headlines for owner, Steve Savage defying Governor Mills' "Stay Safe at Home" order by reopening his restaurant.

The state didn't take too kindly to Savage's defiance and pulled the restaurant's liquor and health licenses.

Despite the crowds that flocked the establishment, many people were upset with Sunday River Brewing. Upset and confused as folks started lashing out at Sunday River Resort. A destination for many skiers and golfers that has no association with Sunday River Brewing Company.

This GIF was 100% my reaction.

Yes, this team deserves all the beer, tequila, and a hell of a raise after this PR nightmare.

Here's the thing, it's fine if you want to support Sunday River Brewing Company. It's fine if you don't. But for the love of not looking like a complete idiot, at least make sure you're tagging the right business. Knee-jerk reactions don't help anyone and again, you look like an idiot. Shout out to Sunday River for hanging in there.

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