According to information released from the New Hampshire State Police, a city officer was taken into custody on charges of domestic violence.

The New Hampshire State Police say that the alleged incident happened earlier this month when the State Police got a request from the Manchester, New Hampshire Police Department asking if they could assist in an investigation.

The reason that Manchester Police reached out to the State Police for assistance in the investigation is because local law enforcement determined that investigating a complaint against their own officer would be a conflict of interest.

New Hampshire State Police then began an investigation into 28-year-old Manchester Police officer, Michael MacNeilly. Following their investigation, the state police obtained multiple warrants for the suspect's arrest.

The State Police say that the arrest happened on Tuesday of this week. They go on to explain that MacNeilly voluntarily surrendered himself to the New Hampshire State Police without incident.

State Police officials say that the Manchester officer has been formally charged with six counts of simple assault, a count of criminal mischief and a count of obstructing the report of a crime or injury.

At this time, we're not certain whether the charges pertain to his personal life, someone at the department or a subject that he may have been out on a call with while working.

MacNeilly has since been released from jail on personal bail and is currently expected to make his initial court appearance at the 9th Circuit in Manchester at a later date.

This is a developing story that we will keep updated as more info becomes available.

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